A journey from stay at home motherhood to family breadwinner

I am flat out today, but wanted to publish a short, simple post in celebration of friendship…..

These are just some of the things my friends have done for me:

Chinese lantern released at our wedding

  • Styled my hair
  • Dropped in with a takeaway coffee when I’m too busy to make myself one
  • Babysat my children
  • Driven me to my wedding ceremony
  • Allowed me to bore them to tears when I have a problem to share
  • Met me regularly for coffee and a chat
  • Asked how my day has been
  • Invited me over for drinks
  • Helped me to move house
  • celebrated special occasions with me
  • Formed close bonds with my children
  • Embraced my blended family
  • Held my baby so I can finish a drink
  • Collected my children from school when I have been ill
  • Helped me to put together my cv

I am very lucky to have such wonderful friends in my life, and every day they inspire me to try be the best I can be and to do something selfless for somebody else. When I return to work, I know I will have to work harder to maintain these friendships. I know I will have to make the time to make contact and ask about a friend’s day. Meetings will not be daily at the school gate, but will need to be planned in around other commitments. It will take more effort to stay in touch and to find out about what important things are happening in their lives.

I wrote this post today, to remind myself of why it is so important to make the effort and keep in contact with the people who have been there for me and supported me, through good and bad times. I hope it also reminds others to look at the list and think “is there something here that I can do for a friend today?” 

Our wedding cakes, made by good friends

Today I feel supported in my decision to return to work.


Comments on: "A pause to consider the importance of good friends" (3)

  1. scriptorobscura said:

    Bravo, my best wishes and best of luck to you in your decision to return to work.

  2. Catherine Seldon said:

    You get the friends you deserve – you are such a good friend, Mum and wife and shortly to be a really great working woman too! Here’s to a very special friend! xx

  3. Good friends are supportive and stick by through the good times and bad. I only have a small handful of such friends, but its good to know that I have them when I need them.

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