A journey from stay at home motherhood to family breadwinner

Who or what is mummybreadwinner?

Mummybreadwinner is about my journey following a decision to swap roles with my husband. He has been the main (and at times, sole) breadwinner for over 10 years and I have been a full time stay at home Mum for the last 3 years. We have both become frustrated and a bit disillusioned with our respective roles and were both craving a new challenge to get our teeth into. Swapping roles was something we have been talking about for a while, but in these job shy times it wasn’t something we had all our hopes pinned on. When I got a job offer that I was interested in, suddenly it became a viable option. After lots of soul searching and talking until gone midnight about the pros and cons, we decided to take the plunge.

We start our new roles in less than 2 weeks and are still on a rollercoaster of emotions about our life changing decision. We have a wide circle of friends but I realised that we don’t know a single other couple where the Mum is the breadwinner and the Dad is at home full time. I have friends who work, and understand the pressures of being a working Mum, and I have friends whose husbands have spent a brief period as a stay at home Dad due to redundancy, but no one who has made a conscious and positive decision to do what we are about to do.

This blog is a chance to record my journey – the highs and lows, the tears and the excitement – and maybe stumble across some other Mums like me who have made the same decision. Perhaps it might even inspire (or terrify depending on how it goes) someone who is considering doing the same thing……….


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  1. Julie and Jason! said:

    Hi Jodie,

    Congratulations on your blog, it is a great read. Just to say good luck with yours and Mark’s new jobs. This is now Jason and I have been functionning ever since we moved to France – I go to work and Jason is the house-husband / stay at home Dad. It is a conscious decision we made back when we decided to leave England, because we knew that Jason would struggle with finding a job more than I do. As it happens, we both enjoy our respective roles and Jason has absolutely no qualms about me being the breadwinner in the family (and neither have I). The only thing is that my job takes me abroad for up to 2 weeks at a time, and during that time, I really miss both Jason and Erwan, as they do me. That said, we both knew that our move to France would come with a price, and it is a price tha

    • Thanks guys, your comments mean a lot, especially as you’ve been there and done it. I’m glad to hear how it’s working out for you – you all looked very happy when we saw you before Christmas and Erwan is a fab little guy, so you must be doing something right!

  2. Julie and Jason ! said:

    Sorry Jodie, I hit the send button before I finished. Anyway, just to say that we’re both very happy with the decision that we made and have absolutely no regrets. Good luck to you and don’t look back! Love, Jason, Julie and Erwan x

  3. Rebecca McMichael said:

    Congratulations on your blog – look forward to reading more. Becks

  4. Love this. Can’t wait to read more!

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